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White Horse Inn: Conversational Theology

Christianity and Liberalism 100 Years Later

This PDF summarizes J. Gresham Machen’s seminal work, Christianity and Liberalism (1923). Machen was an American Presbyterian minister and professor of New Testament at Princeton Seminary in the early 20th century. He founded Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and was a professor of the New Testament there until his death at age 55. In Christianity and Liberalism, still relevant a century later, Machen contrasted the modernist theological liberalism of his day with biblical Christianity. He argued that liberalism was actually a completely separate religion from Christianity, and showed how the two differed on doctrine, God and humanity, the Bible, Jesus, salvation, and the church.

Written by White Horse Inn co-host Justin Holcomb and Pastor Brandon Stockman, each section of this PDF summarizes a chapter from Machen’s classic, accompanying the White Horse Inn series, “Christianity and Liberalism 100 Years Later.”