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What Still Divides Us

Every day, we receive many different questions from people wondering about Roman Catholicism and the gospel. In What Still Divides Us, Josh Maloney explains what divides Catholic and Protestant churches despite their many shared teachings.

Christian Theologies of the Sacraments

Get this free PDF download which includes an introduction by Justin Holcomb and chapter by Michael Horton from the comparative volume, Christian Theologies of the Sacraments, eds. Justin S. Holcomb and David A. Johnson.

How to Exit the Cage Stage

The "cage stage" can rob us of the joy and contentment we can experience right now. This free download contains a few suggestions for self-evaluation as you do the difficult work of discovering your place in the church.

Defining the Two Kingdoms

Understand the reformed “Two Kingdoms” perspective with this 2000 Modern Reformation article by Michael Horton.

By the Sweat of Our Brow

Download the PDF of this 1999 issue of Modern Reformation containing essays on vocation by Michael Horton, R.C. Sproul, Robert Godfrey, Gene Veith, Mark Talbot, and Preston Graham.

WHI Doctrine Quiz

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of basic doctrine. When you’re done, we’ll send you a PDF containing the correct answers with explanations.